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With the proliferation of high speed internet, smart phones and launch of 5G technology, our lives and industries have changed forever. The Internet of Things is connecting everything in our day-to-day lives and collecting enormous amounts of data. The Millennial Generation has changed customer behavior around the globe to on-demand and now. Autonomous vehicles are becoming a reality and brick and mortar retail is a thing of the past.


The traditional industry is trying to keep up with these new developments. Innovation is the only key to future success. Understanding the necessary internal and external steps to foster on-going renewal of the company and its products is crucial for survival.


PEGAZA, with its expertise in the Transportation, Technology, Start-Up and Venture Capital industry, can help define your internal and external innovation strategy and its execution. 

We assist in establishing an entrepreneurial mindset and the right organizational structures inside the company, identify relevant technology trends and define the future product strategy. We support to close the remaining technology gaps through investments, acquisitions, partnerships or proof of concept/R&D projects. PEGAZA can do the necessary start-up/technology scouting, due diligence, company valuations, term sheets and assist with deal transactions. 

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